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History of BelOleum

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Among the many lands included in the Designation of Origin for Bajo (Lower) Aragon Oil, the Campo de Belchite Region stands out as a traditional olive cultivation area, dating back to Ancient Roman times.
These wide expanses of centenary olive trees – some of which are more than 500 years old – boast a unique ecosystem that provides huge benefits for local biodiversity, as well as world-renowned olive oil.
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Our olive oil mill

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Since 1879, our olive oil mill has been transforming this legendary raw produce, resulting in the manufacture of extremely high-quality and expressive olive oil, and we are constantly seeking recognition for all the effort and dedication shown by past and future generations.

As such, history, tradition and cutting-edge techniques came together to create
BelOleum – our land’s liquid gold.

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Our olive oils

Now that you have learnt about our history, we can teach you about our olive oils.


The ultimate table oil


Softness to enhance flavour


Adding a delicate and exotic touch to your dishes