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Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Bajo Aragon

Softness to enhance flavour

BelOleum Arbequina is elaborated using Arbequina olives, originating from the Campo de Belchite area.

separador arbequina

It is one of the most renowned Spanish varieties, and its geographical scope extends through the Aragonese area, Catalonia, Castilla La Mancha and some parts of Andalusia.

Arbequina olives are small, round and a shiny green-purple colour. They are highly appreciated for their early production period (average ripening from the first week of November to the first week of December), high productivity levels and good fat yield -over 20.5% of oil, making it one of the varieties with the highest oil extraction percentage.

acidez arbequina


mapa arbequina

Aragon, Catalonia, Castilla-La Mancha and Andalusia.

aspecto arbequina

Yellow with hints of green. Deep green at the start of the season.

sabor arbequina 1

Soft, light, with the taste of ripe fruit and an added exotic touch. Relatively bitter, spicy and sweet flavour at the very beginning of the season.

botella arbequina valores
valores arbequina en

0.11% acidity / 4.5 mEq O2/kg peroxide


250 ml / 500 ml / 750 ml*

(*750 ml: check conditions)

Perfect flavour pairing

BelOleum Arbequina is ideal for consuming raw in dishes that require dressing, such as salads, grilled vegetables, marinades, sauces, chilled creamy dips, pastries, sour tropical fruit and all rice dishes in general.

verduras parrilla 1
aceite oliva virgen extra maridaje

Grilled vegetables

platos arroz 1
aceite oliva virgen extra maridaje

Rice Dishes

marinados 1
aceite oliva virgen extra maridaje


salsas 1
aceite oliva virgen extra maridaje


cremas 1
aceite oliva virgen extra maridaje

Chilled creamy dips

reposteria 1
aceite oliva virgen extra maridaje


maridajeensalada 1
aceite oliva virgen extra maridaje


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