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Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Bajo Aragon

The ultimate table oil

BelOleum Empeltre is elaborated using traditional Empeltre olives, originating from the Campo de Belchite area.

separador empeltre

This is an indigenous variety from Bajo Aragon (though it is grown throughout the entire Ebro Valley). The limited geographical origin makes this kind of oil highly unique and vastly appreciated across the world.

It is one of Spain’s oldest kinds of olive tree. Its leaves are dark green and very shiny, and its olives are jet black. Its fruit ripens early – from the first week of November to the first week of December.

aceite empeltre avoe
empeltre variedad


mapa empeltre

Indigenous variety from Bajo Aragon. Grown throughout the entire Ebro Valley.

empeltre aspecto

Very well-balanced, with a fluid texture and golden yellow hue.

empeltre sabor

Extremely pleasant to the palate, soft and delicate, sweet with a fruity scent that somewhat reminds us of almonds.

botella empeltre valores 1
valores empeltre en

0.12% acidity / 6.9 mEq O2/kg peroxide


250 ml / 500 ml / 750 ml*

(*750 ml: check conditions)

Perfect flavour pairing

Our BelOleum Empeltre variety is ideal for salad, pasta and other types of dressing. It is also delicious when used in casseroles, preserves, meat dishes, oil-preserved cheeses, etc.

maridajeensalada 1
aceite oliva virgen extra maridaje


pasta 1
aceite oliva virgen extra maridaje

Pasta dishes

guisos 1
aceite oliva virgen extra maridaje


carnes 1
aceite oliva virgen extra maridaje

Meat dishes

queso aceite 1
aceite oliva virgen extra maridaje

Oil-preserved cheeses

aceite oliva virgen extra maridaje

Other preserves

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